Application Cases


Garbage Leachate Treatment Project:

The main treatment process is: pre-treatment process+two-stage DTRO+degassing tower. After treatment, the concentrated liquid is reinjected, and the produced water meets the pollution control standards for domestic waste landfill sites

Water Reuse & Zero Discharge Engineering In Electroplating Wastewater:

Process flow: pretreatment+ultrafiltration system+two-stage RO+DTRO device+MVR evaporation system. The evaporation mother liquor is buried for treatment, and the RO and DTRO produced water meet the reuse standards for production.

Desulfurization Wastewater Engineering In Thermal Power Plants:

Desulfurization wastewater is mainly generated during the wet desulfurization process of boiler flue gas (limestone/gypsum method), containing a large amount of suspended solids, sulfites, sulfates, heavy metals and other pollutants. The main treatment process is coagulation sedimentation+pipeline microfiltration+STRO+DTRO system. The system produces water that meets the standards for reuse, and the concentrated water is used for spraying and dust reduction.

Zero Discharge Project Of High Salt Wastewater In Coal Mines:

Main processes: pre-treatment clarification+ultrafiltration system+primary BWRO system+TMF microfiltration+secondary BWRO+TMF microfiltration+tertiary STRO+evaporation system. The system produces water for domestic or production reuse, and the concentrated water evaporates and crystallizes to produce salt for reuse. The evaporated condensate meets the discharge standards.