A strong team can create a dynamic company. LANDXES currently has over 4900 employees worldwide. It is through their hard work that we make water cleaner, medication safer, and our lives better. Of course, our product has other wider applications as well.

Our business success stems from the outstanding work performance of our employees, innovative ideas, and long-term commitment to LANDXE. We have a true sense of social responsibility, an international work environment, and performance-based and competitive compensation. We encourage a corporate culture of diversity, mutual trust, and leadership. Similarly, we offer various development opportunities on a global scale.

LANDXES has established over 40 cooperative companies with partners from different regions and built over 600 water and sewage treatment plants, providing water supply and solid waste resource management services to over 20 million people, and providing environmental services to 16 industrial parks.

Culture and Commitment:

LANDXES is a high-quality global company with a culture of courage and vitality. High quality – because we are a trusted expert in the global chemical market. Brave – because we set high expectations for corporate development goals in order to fulfill our commitments. Vitality – because we are open and flexible, we can make changes according to market needs at any time.
We strive to make all employees recognize and achieve the company’s goals and mission.


LANDXES regards diversity as the best combination of ethnicity, culture, and life experiences. At present, the senior management and management committees at all levels of the company represent 16 countries respectively. We deeply understand that only a diversified company can truly understand the global market.

You are very important:

“Your salary is important to us.”

We provide fair compensation based on market conditions, including basic salary, short-term and long-term bonus plans, and other compensation components.

“Your work life balance is important to us.”

Through Xwork, you can independently arrange your own work. Flexible work includes mobile remote work, flexible working hours patterns (such as flexible hours, part-time work), and new workplace design.

“Your personal and career development is important to us.”

For all of you – from apprentices to experts or managers – lifelong learning is endless. Therefore, we provide you with various learning and development opportunities to support personal and team growth.

“Your family and health are important to us.”

To help you balance work and personal life, we provide extensive support so that you can take care of family members. We are committed to creating a healthy working environment for you and promoting your physical and mental health through various health services.

“Your financial security is important to us.”

As a responsible employer, we hope to provide the best support for your financial security. Therefore, we offer a variety of insurance plans.

“It’s important for us to make your life easier.”

We offer many other benefits to our employees, including long-term service awards, company recognition, holiday gifts, etc.

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