LANDXES Membrane Technology


LANDXES Membrane Technology:

LANDXES Membrane Technology (LANDXES Membrane Technology Co., Ltd 1312 17th Street, Denver, Colorado, US 80202) is a leading enterprise in the global separation membrane technology field. We are driven by innovative technology and committed to promoting the process of carbon neutrality, focusing on the production and sales of special membranes, as well as providing comprehensive supporting equipment solutions.

As a technological pioneer, LANDXES continuously introduces world leading membrane processing technology, gathers international high-end professionals, and is equipped with advanced processing machinery and equipment. Our R&D team has profound professional knowledge in multiple fields such as materials science, chemical engineering, and environmental engineering. Their research results have not only won multiple patents for the company, but also provided solid scientific support for our products and services.

LANDXES’s product line includes DTRO membranes, DTNF membranes, STRO membranes, STNF membranes, TMF membranes, etc. These products play an important role in industrial high salinity wastewater treatment, water resource recycling, and environmental protection. Our services cover various aspects such as process consulting, engineering design, equipment procurement, construction management, and after-sales support, ensuring that customers receive efficient and reliable one-stop solutions.

LANDXES adheres to carbon neutrality innovation technology as its core, focuses on water environment and human health, and is committed to becoming an outstanding enterprise beneficial to human environmental health. We continuously enhance our research and development capabilities and production capabilities through an integrated collaborative innovation development strategy to achieve our vision and commitment.