Product Usage Conditions


Advantages Of Using LANDXES DTRO/TRO Membrane Components Under Different Conditions:

Simple pre-treatment: Its unique fluid dynamics design determines its suitability for treating wastewater with high turbidity and high sand content coefficient. The SDI of the wastewater entering the module can reach 20, and the sand content coefficient can reach 40;

Strong system adaptability: The interception function of the components is stable, and they have strong adaptability to the influent water quality of the leachate. Even when BOD5>40000mg/L, COD>62000mg/L, SS>4000mg/L, and NH3-N>4000mg/L, they can still operate normally;

Long lifespan: The components have less scaling, light pollution, and are easy to clean, with a lifespan of up to 3-5 years; (There are engineering examples that have been in operation for 9 years before changing the mold)

Compact and flexible system: modular design, easy installation and maintenance, small footprint, and easy transportation;

Strong scalability: primary, secondary, or high-pressure membrane groups can be added as needed.

Disadvantages Of Traditional Membrane Module Usage Conditions:

The temperature conditions are usually between 1-45 ℃; The pH value is around 7; Residual chlorine content<0-1mg/L; Iron content (mg/L): When dissolved oxygen>5mg/L, Fe<0.05; Organic matter content (COD) < 3mg/L; Turbidity (NTU) < 1.0; Mud density index (SDI value)<5; Hardness between 10-250mg/L; COD less than 50mg/L;