The development of LANDXES STRO membrane is used in the fields of reverse osmosis concentrated water treatment, electroplating wastewater reuse, garbage leachate treatment, desulfurization wastewater treatment, coal chemical wastewater and oil and gas field wastewater treatment. It has the characteristics of low pressure operation, high water production, good desalination performance, strong pollution resistance, cleaning resistance, wide influent COD, and high turbidity. Can maintain high water flux under extremely low operating pressure.

LANDXES STRO has an open flow channel, using a roll type membrane module and an unobstructed, turbulence free inlet system, making it difficult for suspended solids in the inlet to deposit on the membrane module.

Advantages Of LANDXES STRO Components:

The LANDXES membrane adopts industrial anti pollution reverse osmosis membrane or nanofiltration membrane, and the grid channel adopts a parallel grid structure different from the general roll up membrane. The roll up membrane component is wound by the membrane on the central dialysis tube and forms intervals through the grid. The grid adopts a trapezoidal structure, and wastewater/feed liquid flows in the channels formed by the grid, just like flowing in a tubular membrane, with much lower resistance than the diamond grid; At the same time, the internal transverse reinforcement can increase the turbulence during the flow of the material, reduce the concentration polarization effect of the membrane, and improve the pollution resistance of the STRO component.

Disadvantages Of Traditional Components:

The membrane grid is a diamond shaped structure, and the flow of wastewater/feed liquid through this grid is not smooth, especially for wastewater with certain suspended solids (SS). Therefore, traditional roll membrane modules require strict pre-treatment to prevent SS from entering the interior of the membrane module and causing physical blockage.

Standard STRO Parameters:
Product Model:Area (m2):Inlet Channel Width (mil):Single Inlet Water Volume (L/h):Water Production (L/h):Stable Desalination Rate (%):
LANDXES STRO-46-2027468000~12000600~90099.2
LANDXES STRO-80-20208010000~12000450~67098.3
LANDXES STRO-46-4027468000~12000400~50099.4
LANDXES STRO-80-40208010000~12000300~38098.5
LANDXES STRO-46-7027468000~12000300~40099.4
LANDXES STRO-80-70208010000~12000220~32098.5
LANDXES STRO-46-10027468000~12000270~38099.4
LANDXES STRO-80-100t208010000~12000200~30098.5
Standard STRO PLUS Parameters:
Product Model:Area (m2):Inlet Channel Width (mil):Single Inlet Water Volume (L/h):Water Production (L/h):Stable Desalination Rate (%):
LANDXES STRO PLUS-46-7027468000~12000300~40099.2
LANDXES STRO PLUS-46-10027468000~12000270~38099.2
LANDXES STRO PLUS-80-70208010000~12000220~32098.5
LANDXES STRO PLUS-80-100208010000~12000200~30098.5