LANDXES Membrane Technology:

LANDXES Membrane Technology is a leading enterprise in the global separation membrane technology field. We are driven by innovative technology and committed to promoting the process of carbon neutrality, focusing on the production and sales of special membranes, as well as providing comprehensive supporting equipment solutions.

LANDXES’ Sustainable Development Strategy:

LANDXES is serious and responsible for the future of humanity. Therefore, in line with the common goal of sustainable development, LANDXES takes responsible action and strives to seek comprehensive solutions to simultaneously meet the needs of the economy, ecology, and society. Our vision is to actively participate and ensure that tomorrow’s world is safer and more livable.

Corporate Social Responsibility Of LANDXES:

As a specialized membrane technology research and development company, how can LANDXES help solve ecological and social problems? Can economic success interact positively with social values and interests? The approach of LANDXES can be summarized as follows: Corporate benefits are social benefits.

LANDXES Enterprise Management Compliance:

LANDXES has introduced a compliance system to encourage more public reporting to prevent non compliant behavior or business activities. Compliance refers to acting in accordance with laws and regulations. The compliance system aims to ensure that LANDXES’s business activities are fair, legal, and ethical.


A strong team can create a dynamic company. LANDXES currently has over 4900 employees worldwide. It is through their hard work that we make water cleaner, medication safer, and our lives better. Of course, our product has other wider applications as well.