LANDXES’ Sustainable Development Strategy


LANDXES' Sustainable Development Strategy:

LANDXES is serious and responsible for the future of humanity. Therefore, in line with the common goal of sustainable development, LANDXES takes responsible action and strives to seek comprehensive solutions to simultaneously meet the needs of the economy, ecology, and society. Our vision is to actively participate and ensure that tomorrow’s world is safer and more livable.

HSEQ Public Information

Health, safety, environmental protection, and quality are the four essential elements of the LANDXES global HSEQ management system. We have objectively measurable standards and fulfill our responsibilities to meet the requirements of the company’s compliance guidelines, global charter for responsible care, and quality and environmental policies, in order to achieve our goals. The process oriented integrated management system we adopt globally complies with the international standards of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 for quality and environmental management, which can continuously improve our performance and effectively achieve our goals.