Product Naming & Performance


LANDXES Membrane Product Naming
DTRO - 8040 (46) - 20
  • DTRO=Product Type Standard: DTRO/STRO/STRO PLUS
  • 8040=Membrane Size: Standard 8040, Reinforced Pull Rod Type
  • (46)=Channel Grid Size: 80mil, 46mil, 2mm
  • 20=Operating pressure: 20bar, 40bar, 70bar, 75bar, 90bar, 100bar, 120bar

This page lists the product names and performance comparisons of LANDXES, including the naming rules of the products, as well as product parameters such as DTRO/STRO/STRO+, etc. It has reference value for product matching and selection.

Comparison Of Performance Between LANDXES & Traditional RO Membranes: