Products & Solutions


Product Naming & Performance:

This page lists the product names and performance comparisons of LANDXES, including the naming rules of the products, as well as product parameters such as DTRO/STRO/STRO+, etc. It has reference value for product matching and selection.

Product Usage Conditions:

Advantages Of Using LANDXES DTRO/TRO Membrane Components Under Different Conditions & Disadvantages Of Traditional Membrane Module Usage Conditions.


The LANDXES DTRO membrane is specifically developed for the treatment of landfill leachate, and its membrane component structure is completely different from traditional roll up membranes. DTRO is widely used in near zero emissions, achieving true near zero emissions.


The development of LANDXES STRO membrane is used in the fields of reverse osmosis concentrated water treatment, electroplating wastewater reuse, garbage leachate treatment, desulfurization wastewater treatment, coal chemical wastewater and oil and gas field wastewater treatment.

Overall Solution Support:

LANDXES is committed to the research and application of membrane products such as DTRO, DTNF, STRO, and STNF, focusing on zero discharge solutions for industrial wastewater, municipal wastewater, and seawater desalination.