LANDXES Enterprise Management Compliance


LANDXES Enterprise Management Compliance:

LANDXES has introduced a compliance system to encourage more public reporting to prevent non compliant behavior or business activities. Compliance refers to acting in accordance with laws and regulations. The compliance system aims to ensure that LANDXES’s business activities are fair, legal, and ethical.

On the other hand, non-compliance refers to fraud, suspicious incidents of internal theft, bribery and corruption.

Now, customers, distributors, and employees at all levels have a channel to communicate with regional compliance managers.

Generally speaking, regional compliance managers are responsible for overseeing internal complaints within a company, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and compliance with internal policies and procedures by the company and its employees.

The specific responsibilities of a regional compliance manager include: leading corporate compliance work, developing and implementing internal controls, policies, and procedures, ensuring compliance with applicable local and national laws and regulations; Manage audit work, investigate regulatory and compliance issues.

Complaints made through the compliance system will be accepted by the regional compliance manager and subject to supervision by the CEO. All information will be strictly confidential. If there is sufficient information to conduct further investigation, the complaint case will be submitted to the Global Compliance Committee step by step.

Compliance standards:

Fair competition – must not violate antitrust laws

Conduct product testing to ensure product safety

Protecting the environment

Comply with national laws and international trade laws

To avoid conflicts of interest between the company and employees

Social Behavior: Justice and Respect

Collaborate with regulatory agencies while maintaining one’s own rights